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...Every website will be famous for fifteen minutes

The Future. If we think about it at all, we tend to get rather confused due to one little problem - it's rather hard to predict, and even harder to understand. Dealing with the here and now is hard enough.

This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper

So said TS Eliot, and cosmologists are busy spending their time looking at models for what will happen to the universe, if we don't destroy ourselves first. Speaking of which, eminent astrophysicist and President of the Royal Society Martin Rees (Baron Rees of Ludlow, no less) gives us roughly a 50/50 chance of surviving the century. Happy days indeed.

...The future is not what it used to be

So said by Paul Valery. But what is the future... and metaphysical questions aside, what will happen in the future? What will we look like? What will we evolve into (asked in a strictly non-teleological way to satisfy the scientists, of course)?

It is interesting to speculate on these matters, and think about what future wonders and horrors technology may bestow upon us. Which is the point of the site - so feel free to join in, discuss and send in your own ideas and articles. To whet your appetite, here is some speculation about Fabricator Machines that can assemble anything made of atoms, a neat trick!

Whilst we think about writing content some time in the future, here's some current bits and pieces:

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