The Future : Medicine

One of the areas of most extra-ordinary improvement in such a short period of time, is in medicine. Over the course of just a couple of centuries, there has been massive change in what we can do to manipulate the body back to health from hitherto irretrievable situations.

Gone are the very recent days of pulling out a tooth by tying it to the door with a piece of string and slamming the door! Instead sophisticated operations can be performed on many life threatening conditions, hearts can be mended literally. Awful diseases can be treated or at least the suffering reduced through use of painkillers and of course the key discovery of antibiotics.

So what will the future bring? A cure for the common cold? There is no reason to suppose that there won't be great advancements whereby we can react swiftly to any disease to nip it in the bud before it reaches epidemic proportions.

But is the Star Trek reality of miraculous healing devices truly possible? Will there really be the possibility to prolong life forever and make us truly immortal by identifying and mitigating all ageing processes? Or could re, in some manner, bring people who died back to life? Would this be ethical of we could? Let us know what you think!