The Future : Of Earth

One thing seems inevitable : the Earth will continue to undergo change over time. Continents will drift, mountains will rise and fold, the sea level will rise and then lower, and the great cycle that we now are beginning to understand will continue. The magnetic field of the Earth will shift (and perhaps indeed very shortly).

Volcanoes will erupt, and one of these may block out light from the sun for a long enough time for a great impact on the surface of the Earth and the creatures that inhabit it. Perhaps the seas will largely freeze over making life difficult. Or perhaps human impact will create a devastating runaway greenhouse effect and turn the Earth into a Venus-like hellish world.

It is also likely that meteor impacts could create lasting craters on the Earth and also have a great effect, perhaps with mass extinctions as may or may not have been the case with the dinosaurs.

Assuming that no species on Earth that may rise or fall does not itself destroy it, in the fullness of time (astronomically) the Earth will not be around forever. At some stage when the sun cools, it is well documented that not only will the Earth be unable to sustain life dependent on the energy from the sun, but that eventually the Earth itself will be engulfed by the enlarging and cooling sun. At that stage any sophisticated or advanced species on Earth will better have escaped to some more hospitable inter-stellar location if it wishes to prolong its existence.

What do you think the future holds for the Earth? Let us know!