The Future : Of Religion

The future for religion looks a little gloomy. Particularly in the Western world, there is a gradual abandonment of belief in God. The world is increasingly secular, in other words, in the French tradition.

What is interesting is whether this will seep through to the rest of the world where religious beliefs are still held strongly in many parts of the world? The answer could largely rely on how much Western culture is adopted through the rest of the world. If it is, then it does indeed seem that religious belief could pass.

Many scientists treat religious belief with disdain and even pity, as though it is a peculiar superstition that is only the domain of weak-willed individuals who cannot bear to believe that we are just here. But there seems to be a genuine human need, at least for many, in belief in something.

This is evidenced by the burgeoning popularity of what may seem even more arbitary belief systems - such as in horoscopes or in astrology, tarot card reading and the like.

To appease the scientists, we could pose a question in a Darwinian light: 'is there a benefit, in terms of natural selection, to favour humans who have some need to believe in some other power or have some sort of religious belief?' It is interesting such belief can definitely aid humans en masse to have more rigid ethical systems, have a greater belief in society, and build a more cohesive society. A more cohesive, co-operative society emphasising group rather than individual benefits is more likely to be stable and hence prolong the existence of humanity. Therefore could belief, often ridiculed, actually be of benefit to humanity? If so, and if humans continue to exist for a long time to come, then it would seem likely belief of some sort, whether strictly religious or not, may well be a truly human phenomenon for a long time to come. What do you think?