The Future : Technology

The future of technology is one area where people can really let their imagination run wild, and come up with all sorts of weird and wacky ideas. No doubt in the fullness of time, some of these may come out true, whilst others will not, or will appear in a form that we could never have imagined possible.

Some classic candidates include:
- The automation of a great many boring tasks (washing up etc)
- The creation of Robot servants to aid us with our daily chores
- The possibility of incredibly quick methods of transport (apart from in London)
- The idea of Transportation
- Sophisticated holograms allowing us to move from TV to 'really' having people present in our house acting out or fave films etc.,
- Human creation of weird species, or re-creation of past species - Time travel (see section on Time Travel)

More 'mundane' and closer realities include ovens that automatically know how long to cook food for and ensure that you never go wrong cooking, and perhaps even suggest a reality (currently in development).

The imagination is truly the only hurdle to coming up with weird and fantastic ideas. On a backwards slant, some predict we will be able to extract enough DNA from pre-historic creatures to form our very own Jurassic Park and re-create strange animals from yesteryear. Or perhaps even the Philosophers Stone will come true and somehow we will be able to manipulate atoms and sub-atomic particles to create our very own gold from anything. Incidentally if we did presumably its value would plummet and it wouldn't be so great after all!

What ideas do you have for the future? Let us know!